Are we really returning to “normalcy”? How do we feel about our current status quo?

Geschrieben von Franziska Feifel

It feels surreal to be back on the road after 1.5 years of “captivity”, without major restrictions. To meet with several people, to move partially without a mask, to sit in a restaurant or simply enter the office vaccinated or tested without worries is wonderfully liberating.
At some moments, it’s almost as if the many months of stress and anxiety aren’t behind us but we’re just carrying on as before – only In a new, adjusted “normal.”
But not everyone came through the pandemic equally well and was equally affected by its impact. We as a team at ONLINE UNITED GmbH also had to exchange a lot of information during this time. In personal conversations, we were allowed to communicate openly about problems and thoughts at any time. Thus, the topic of home office took some getting used to at the beginning, but quickly showed its advantages. In our case, we were able to be there for our families and children, and the job was easy to reconcile with our private lives. Nevertheless, the last few months were a roller coaster of emotions, and it’s surprising how well we got through the crisis in retrospect. What helped us as a company, of course, was that the e-commerce industry played into Corona’s hands, and we fortunately came out of it with a good result.
The Corona pandemic fueled developments in e-commerce.The consumer behavior of Germans gave online retail a strong boom in the Corona year 2020. Gross sales of goods in e-commerce rose 14.6% to 83.3 billion euros, according to industry association BEVH. Goods growth of 12.5 percent is predicted for this year.

This prospect is not a bad one for us as a performance marketing agency!

We are enjoying the freedom we have regained to continue to grow and perform together with our customers.