Has remote work reshuffled our cards?

Geschrieben von Franziska Feifel

In view of the relaxations and the return of everyday life,
some long back to the time of the great Corona restrictions.
In general, did these sometimes even give us an advantage professionally?
advantage? A social taboo this “Lockdown nostalgia”, nevertheless not
to be dismissed out of hand. For all the joy we feel at finally being able to throw ourselves back into the
life again, there is occasionally this diffuse feeling, which resembles a small culture shock. For the extroverts among us, it’s most likely like Christmas and Easter combined to finally be able to present ourselves live to clients again, thereby creating a real and personal stage for ourselves.
But what about the other part of people? The ones who already had wet hands during a presentation in school and get the crisis in the elevator with more than three people?
I, for example, belong to these people and need regular training to communicate and perform in public in front of my peers. That’s why the last 1.5 years have been a welcome stress break for me here!
I could set the video camera at the most pleasing angle, keep the cheat sheet handy at all times, or call on my good friend Google for help when I needed a quick piece of information.
No one can see in a video conference if you’re sweating, nervous, or showing other signs a lack of aplomb.
In short, reality is simply more stressful again and takes us out of our supposedly cherished comfort zone once more.
But working remotely has been an enormous benefit for many of us, and not just in terms of work-life balance.
What does it actually look like in terms of career within your own team?
Here, in particular, it has become clear that it’s more about competence and the quality of the work delivered and less about an office-internal popularity scale.
What we do consciously or unconsciously in the office is forge alliances with the people who are of personal advantage to us in the group. When working together on the Trello board and group chat, this was much more sympathy-neutral and goal-oriented.
In general, it was less about being king or queen of hearts and more about the essentials – namely the job!
I believe that this time also grounded us in this respect.
Those who had previously relied predominantly on the card “more appearance than reality” were clearly at a disadvantage.
But for everyone else, the cards were reshuffled in many teams.
If this means that there is now more objectivity and fairness, that is something wonderful!