My home office workplace: Benjamin

Geschrieben von Benjamin Völk

First Impression: What went through your mind when you learned
that everyone was being sent to the home office indefinitely?

Since I was involved in the decision-making process, this did not come as a surprise to me. Nevertheless, it was now time to put the previous planning into practice. The highest priority for me was to set up the home office workstations. As a service provider, we always aim to be there for our customers, no matter where we are working from. Fortunately, everything was already technically ready, which meant that all the workstations were set up in just one afternoon.

Compare March 2020 to now – How has your workplace changed since then?

Fortunately, the layout of my three-bedroom apartment had already allowed me to maintain a separate study. However, until then, it was far from being equipped to work here for eight hours a day. In fact, there’s nothing in my current home office workspace that was there in March 2020. From the self-built desk made of solid wood to the brightly colored mechanical keyboard – everything has been optimized step by step. The relevant things were provided by the employer, of course!

What are your three essentials for the home office?

Keyboard – There’s simply nothing like the feel and sound of a mechanical keyboard – and it can glow too!

Airpods Pro – My neighbor works shifts and often “practices” playing bass in the afternoon. Without noise-canceling no enjoyment!

Coffee machine – The way to good coffee has never been so short. Will hopefully soon be replaced by a portafilter machine.

What is the main benefit of the home office for you?

I am an absolute advocate of the home office! Even before Corona, I regularly took advantage of the offer. What I appreciate most is the flexibility that the home office brings with it. Especially in combination with flextime, the work-life balance has changed for the better, as it’s simply much easier to coordinate weekly working hours with personal everyday life. I don’t even mind if I have a teleconference at off-peak times.

Is there anything you miss about the office?

Direct contact with the team is missing, that can’t be denied. Regular video meetings can compensate for this to some extent, but it’s not 100% the same. In the meantime, we have managed this quite well through weekly presence meetings. As long as the local incidence allows it, we meet weekly and discuss things in detail.

Expectations for the future in “Pure-remote

After almost 1.5 years, I have optimized remote working for myself to the point where it has become the new standard. I’m extremely positive about it. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, and I also see a clear plus in the team’s performance. The individual working conditions of each team member are so well matched to the individual that it is easy to work productively.

We will certainly face new challenges, such as training new employees. But I believe we are well prepared for that, too.